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Immersive Market VR

James Laudermilk Veteran

James Laudermilk - Iraq War Veteran & Founder/CVO

Virtual Reality Developer/Producer | VR Speaker | Oculus Start Program Developer | Oculus Launch Pad Fellow | Veteran

Please message me on Linkedin or visit for speaking engagements either remote or onsite with your event, school, business or college. I can also be a virtual character live while remote! 

Remote or Public speaking to groups, classes or events about creating music in VR, creating art in VR, creating 3D with & in VR, developing VR, getting in to programs like Oculus Start & Oculus Launch Pad, creating animations in VR, ways to make money using VR, creating animated and other videos in VR, creating 360 animated videos in VR, various VR programs that help you relax and or be creative and even ways to stay fit in VR! I can also talk about using Linkedin to build your business, get jobs or building your followers! I would also like to speak to some entrepreneur or tech for Veteran events. I can also speak as an animated character in real-time! 

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