What VR and AR Storytellers Can Learn from Magicians

What VR and AR Storytellers Can Learn from Magicians - Laura Mingail, 8 JUN 2018

If you want to entertain audiences and make them believe that what they are experiencing is real, then you need to think like a magician.  The most incredible magic performances that I’ve seen, integrate engaging storytelling, the magician’s insights into how audience members’ minds work, and clever use of technology.

Storytelling in virtual reality - Anthony Geffen

Anthony Geffen argues that the true power of virtual reality lies in telling stories.

Anthony Geffen is one of the world’s leading documentary and film producers. He leads Atlantic’s creative team and is a pioneer in virtual reality and 3D. His multiple awards include being the first filmmaker to win two Best Specialist Factual Academy Awards (BAFTAs) and three Emmys for a single documentary.

VR Storytelling - Julie Krahner

VR: how the future of storytelling will change us | Julie Krohner | TEDxCambridgeUniversity

Brain magic - Keith Barry

Published on Jul 21, 2008

http://www.ted.com First, Keith Barry shows us how our brains can fool our bodies -- in a trick that works via podcast too. Then he involves the audience in some jaw-dropping (and even a bit dangerous) feats of brain magic.

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