Why VR for B2B or B2C Marketing?

Why use a VR animated video to market myself, company or business


Virtual Reality has breathed new life into marketing opportunities. At a time when it’s harder than ever to capture users’ attention, VR gives brands the ability to bring immersive experiences to clients, customers and connections!

Ads created in VR immerse viewers and are more effective


  Nielsen and Airpush conducted a VR ad effectiveness study and found that ads in VR were more effective by 1.5 to 18x depending on the content and metric, brand recall was 8x more effective, and 2x more likely to share. - Credit: Marketing New Realities, Hackl & Wolfe, Amazon

VR animated videos remove most prejudice and judgement


 The coolest thing about using our VR animated videos, is for the most part, using them remove all prejudice and judgement unless you say something someone disagrees with of course. No one can look at your VR character and judge you personally. 

Traditional or VR


 Traditional animations typically take a lot of time, we can create VR animated videos in 10% of the time it takes to do traditional animations.  This helps keep costs down for both us and you!  Our VR videos are more immersive and cheaper than using Fiverr.com traditional animated videos and they do not offer VR animated videos!

What can VR do for us?


  • With our 3D or VR animated videos we can effectively persuade others to take action. It turned out that storytelling was the superpower I’d been looking for all along.
  • VR Stories affirm who we are, and allow us to experience the similarities between ourselves and others, they create diversity and empathy, both real and/or imagined. 
  • VR Stories help us make meaning of our lives, others lives and inspires us to change our selves or inspire others to change.

Where is VR headed


In the last 30 years the way we buy goods and services has evolved.  Virtual reality is the next evolution in the markets.  Connect your geographically dispersed buyers and sellers in our VR Marketplace!

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