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Creating, Teaching & Consulting in & with Virtual Reality!

Creating, Teaching & Consulting in & with Virtual Reality!

Veteran Owned Virtual Reality Business


About IMVR & VR Veteran

My Vision


To introduce your students or business to a new way of learning and living with and in Virtual Reality (VR).  To deliver a dynamic presentation where I help your students and participants to think outside the box and help motivate them about developing, creating and exploring the world of Virtual Reality.     

Who I am

My Mission


 To offer any business an impressive, exciting and humorous voyage of discovery into the virtual world. To help others experience Virtual Reality with many practical examples. With interactive VR Webinars, VR Lectures, VR workshops, and with a new 3D remote character.  To also offer various opportunities to get to know and implement VR into your business processes or learn how you can use VR in your area of expertise.  To help Businesses to transport their change processes with new and innovative possibilities.  


My Passion


My passions is XR, creating 3D in and with VR, creating videos in VR, creating music in VR,  using Cinemagraph & VR simultaneously!  My goal is to pioneer the adoption of new and exciting ways to bring Virtual Reality into people's lives and businesses.   There has never been such an intense and emotional medium. It is now advertising and marketing strategies for events, point-of-sale and the mass market to develop. 


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