About Immersive Market VR

Learn more about IMVR and what we are trying to create in VR through this short VR animated video

Why Virtual Reality?

VR eCommerce?

The VR industry does not need another shooter!  It needs business and a way for users to make money inside VR!  So we are developing a full-dive retail experiences using Virtual Reality technologies, you will be able to sell, buy, create, shop, create shops, create services and sell services all in VR!  Possibilities are unlimited!

Why business in VR?

  • VR and AR are expected to grow into a $215b market by 2021, with mobile AR and VR being a primary driver. In a high-adoption scenario, the economic impact of both technologies could reach $30b
  • More than 150 companies, including 52 from the Fortune 500 list, have successfully applied AR/VR solutions in 2017 along. And this number is going to grow in the geometric progression

VR for business?

 The full branding for a company would be in place from the marketing signs, music, image of the store and more. A VR experience gives a retailer more flexibility for creating an experience that's unique and on brand without having to spend countless dollars improving a physical space. Updating brand marketing can be done with simple patches for cost savings.  

How will we succeed with VR?

We measure our success by the success of our clients and partners. We will help ambitious innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies digitally transform their businesses using our Immersive Market VR program! 

Blockchain Solutions?

  As our team develops new expertise based on cutting-edge technologies, blockchain development is one of the leading directions in our technological and R&D strategy. 

Why use Blockchain for our program?

77% of businesses are expected to adopt blockchain as a part of their production process or internal system by 2020, with the total value of the blockchain market - $2.3 billion